Telstra uses for Whereis Customer Survey

Telstra used our solution in May to complete a survey of users of Whereis Everyone, the award-winning mobile location-based service from Locatrix Communications. is an innovative mobile customer feedback tool, which allows for the speedy distribution and collection of multiple-choice survey responses from subscribers. The surveys are announced via SMS, and an intuitive mobile interface allows for single-click responses.

While Telstra primarily used mPoll to understand the current market demographics of Whereis Everone users (whether business or personal mobile users, and who they use the service to locate), they also added questions about other location-based services and features they’d like to see added to Whereis Everyone in future.

The survey responses are of course commercial in confidence, but mPoll itself again demonstrated amazing effectiveness in gathering feedback: survey response rates were over 30%, with a survey completion rate of over 90%.

Locatrix will be running additional surveys for Telstra and other operators over the coming months, but if you are interested in learning more about mPoll, please contact us or set up a free trial account at



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