Uandmeā„¢ is an award-winning mobile location-based application solution from Locatrix Communications. Uandme provides mobile network operators with an engaging friend finder/family minder experience that is available on all mobile handsets, as well as over SMS and via a sophisticated web interface.

Based on an extensible application framework, Uandme features SMS notifications, proximity alerts, local search and personal point-of-interest (POI) services. It can be deployed in a variety of user experience personalities, including friend finder, phone finder, and business asset tracker.

Delivered as a hosted, managed value-added service offering, Uandme has been proven to increase ARPU for tier-1 mobile network operators.

Uandme Subscriber Benefits

  • Personalized location-specific content (friends, places, social networks)
  • Rich and engaging user experience across any handset
  • Native Android application (in 2013)
  • Multiple end-user subscription models (casual, daily, or monthly)
  • Convenience of web, mobile (WAP) or SMS interfaces
  • Proven end-user privacy framework for safety and peace-of-mind.

The following video demonstrates our deployment of Uandme for Telstra, branded Whereis Everyone.



Uandme Solution Summary

Solution type Mobile location-based service (LBS)
Target Subscriber Audience All
Network Integration GMLC, SMSC, WAP-gateway & billing systems
Optional Integration Privacy and/or other middleware
MNO Commercial Model(s) Hosted service, licensing and/or shared revenue