Inspired is a location-based content-management system (CMS) developed by Locatrix Communications, which supports the creation of directed, media-rich mobile applications to deliver learning experiences, reward-based treasure-hunts, and mobile games to any type of handset.

Experiences that Inspired has been used to create include:

  • Location-specific video delivery
  • Directed mobile education services
  • Tourism and locality information
  • Augmented-reality games
  • Mobile marketing campaigns

Marketers and experience designers can use the Inspired portal to assign different content to specific location areas. The type of content stored at each location is extensible, and can include text, images, video, reward tokens and also question/answer sets. All mobile browsers are supported, as are augmented reality browsers like Layar.

Provided as a managed, hosted solution, Inspired can form the foundation for an entire program of location-specific marketing initiatives and subscriber retention programs.