Facebook Applications


With over a billion consumers worldwide connected to Facebook, brands and service providers are seeking new ways to attract, engage and retain their customers through this revolutionary channel. Locatrix Communications is a world leader in the design and delivery of applications that leverage the Facebook platform to provide customer service, content selection/purchase, loyalty programs and game experiences to mobile subscribers.

Leveraging our proprietary  SNX™ Application Framework, our mobile network operator and enterprise customers can provide consumer experiences that extend far beyond a "like" of a page or post. Significantly, Locatrix was the first application provider worldwide to implement direct operator billing within Facebook.


Locatrix has proven this approach through the successful delivery of a range of Facebook applications to our largest customer, Telstra. Implementing the SNX security model, we've been able to integrate a subscriber's mobile identity with their Facebook Connect credentials, securely providing a range of innovative services including:

  • Consumer self-care
  • Prepaid recharge/top-up services
  • Mobile plan management
  • Content catalog browsing and purchase
  • Direct-to-mobile charging for purchases
  • Social call credit sharing

In addition to leading customer engagement experiences via Facebook, Locatrix is committed to providing a revolutionary analytics service to our enterprise and mobile network customers, which will help them know their customers in an extremely detailed view, as well as identifying emerging demographic trends among key subscriber groups.

Please get in touch if you'd like to see a preview of our social analytics solution.