Doctrine Module for Kohana Download from github

Doctrine Module for Kohana

This module allows you to use the Doctrine 2.0 ORM (compatible with v2.2) directly inside an instance of Kohana 3.

XenServer Plugins for Pacemaker Download from github

XenServer Plugins for Pacemaker

We’ve written a pair of resource agent plug-ins for Pacemaker to help create an automatically redundant active/passive pair of XenServers VMs using a DRBD backend.

This includes two new Pacemaker resource management agents:
XenServerPBD – Monitors and controls plug-in/un-plug of the storage SR/PBD
XenServerVM – Monitors and controls shutdown/start-up of a VM

These plug-ins were derived from the Xen resource agent that comes with Pacemaker.

Memtex Download from github


Memtex is a small utility class that we wrote when we wanted to use Memcache as a mutex. We are in particular using it with a persistent (disk-backed) Couchbase server, which is more appropriate for use as a mutex than a pure memory based memcache would be (since a normal memcache server can be cleared at any time).

Memtex comes with a utility called “cronmutex” which uses Memtex to let a number of servers negotiate for which will run a cron job. We use it in our web server cluster to allow all 3 web servers to compete for which will run the cron jobs, thus providing easy high availability for our cron jobs.

cronmutex is as easy to use as “cronmutex.php default randommutexname 30 && echo hi” inside your crontab on n-servers to compete to run the ‘echo hi’ job.